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Call Us On015242 73000

Service & Repairs

Experienced & Independent Specialists

Technijet is an independent, impartial supplier and manufacturer of quality cleaning equipment for many industries and any application.

From our location in the north-west of England we can (and do) easily advise, supply and support businesses anywhere in the world.

The best advice is always impartial advice, and that’s what you get from Technijet. We are not tied to recommending particular brands – not even our own. We recommend what’s the best value for you.

Just contact us, describe the problem you need help with, and from our many years of accumulated know-how we’ll give you friendly, clear advice explaining all your options.

If you wish we can arrange a site visit and bring equipment to demonstrate and evaluate. Equipment is competitively priced, we carry significant stock and can often deliver in 24 hours.

Service & repairs

The best cleaning equipment should have a long working life, so Technijet will repair any equipment from any manufacturer.

We hold a large stock of spare parts and consumables, even for equipment classed as obsolete. Technijet has one of the world’s best-equipped dedicated service and repair workshops. We can also repair on site and can collect and deliver too.

Get the best value for your requirements

Service levels are tailored to customer needs. We can provide a fast response in emergencies or planned service and maintenance at three, six or 12-month intervals. There will be a competitive service contract to suit what’s best for you.

On site demonstrations

Let’s show you what’s possible!

As well as leading brands of cleaning equipment, Technijet is renowned for its own brand and range of professional and industrial cleaning equipment. Furthermore, we have experience of a multitude of applications, environments and manufacturing processes.

We are keen to show you how the products we offer can improve your cleaning regime efficiently and effectively, and bring you real value.

Where practical, Technijet will give you an on-site demonstration of the products we think will work best for you, so you can assess and compare before making a decision.

Aftersales Training

Best value means best use.

We’re here not just to make sales but to ensure that the plant and machinery Technijet offers will improve the performance, productivity and competitiveness of your business.

Professional cleaning equipment is an investment. Technijet looks after its customers and their requirements in detail, so you can be confident that any equipment we supply will give you best return on that investment.

Best value includes best use. We have an experienced and knowledgeable team at Technijet, and when required, we can include training for you and your staff in how to use equipment optimally and safely.

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